Alicia Fin Gabison(動画付)

人生訓は、” It is better to take the hardship of education than to taste the bitterness of ignorance”.
「learning should be an exciting and enjoyable process!

< お客様の声 >

2019/4/12 She talks calmly and gentle and it makes me feel relaxing. As she asked me about a telephone card, I told her the chance to use it is decreasing.
2018/11/20 It has been a long time. I could not remember when we have met last time. And as I have not been used my text book, I reserved a business class today. Although we spent a lot of time for small talk, she realized that I reserved a business class and started to do the business class.Thanks!
2018/8/22 It is fun to talk about foods and drink! She sometimes introduces me nice foods in the Philippines. As it is so fun that often makes us forget to do the text book!
2018/7/23 To talk about society is difficult but interesting at the same time, sometimes sad and sometimes happy because most of the time it reflects the economy in that country. If the economy is bad in one country, usually it would effect peoples life and also education for children. It was a good practice for me to talk about the society around us with her.
2018/4/9 初対面でのフリートークでしたので、トピックス選びが難しかったのか、よくある質問をしては、私が答えるという流れでした。私はたくさん喋れたので、その点は良かったですが、もう少し話を広げてくれたら、もっと楽しく会話ができたかもしれません。 この日はもしかしたら少し疲れていらしたのか、何か不幸があったのかもしれませんね。時々、間が保たない印象を受けました。フリートークは苦手だったのでしょうか。
2018/4/2 Since she could not find the text for business class because of she has changed her PC, we had small talk. I thought that sudden change could happen in business, so it was not a problem, but I thought that I need to know how to deal with it such kind of situation and I hope she will be able to deal with it according to circumstances more flexible.
2018/4/2 I had an enjoyable lesson. Thank you for pointing out my pronunciation weaknesses and having many advices for them. See you next!
2018/3/16 Though she was a substitute teacher for Cecile, she confirmed what Cecile usually do in her class,then gave me a current topic. And more, we have talked a lot of things about our family. I thought I could have a nice talk with her.Thanks!