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2020/03/26 めちゃくちゃよい。発音もよいし、よく人の話を聞いて、間違えたことを直してくれるのはありがたい。なかなか予約取れないので、取れた時はとてもラッキー。
2018/7/18 I could have enjoyable talking with her. She taught me good expressions in English. Thanks a lot.
2018/7/11 I could have good lesson. When I could not make good expression in English, she gave me some hints. Thanks a lot.
2018/6/21 I had a discussion about a disaster. She had her own way of thinking about it and could clearly expressed it in English. But I could not create sentence in English well. I would like to be able to express it well like her. Thanks a lot.
2018/6/13 I could had an enjoyable talk with her. I also had good lesson with textbook. Thanks a lot.
2018/5/6 She always selects the words that I can easily understand. And also she summarises my opinion to more correct style naturally. So, I can review my talking from her opinions and reply. I think that is natural conversation and realistic lesson ! I feel enjoy in her lesson and I can grow my skill which is putting my opinions immediately. Thank you, teacher Mary.
2018/4/11 She could easily understand my thought to learning English in the website, although it\’s our first time lesson. She explained politely her opinions and helped me with giving some words when I couldn\’t express my thought. The discussion with her was so fun that I forgot to keep lesson time. It means her lesson was so great for me. I wanna take her lesson again, I\’m looking forward to do that. Thank you.
2018/3/15 I enjoyed conversations with you. I was saved thanks to your advice. See you next!
2018/3/14 She is friendly and I could have fun talking with her but, there was a thing that I think it was a shame. That is she did not do Business class. If she could spend the class time both small talk and Business, the class would be more good for me.